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picnic area on Angel Island

Insider Tip For Securing Alcatraz Tickets During Peak Season

The secret to securing tickets to Alcatraz during the peak season, which extends through October, is to book the AlcatrazRead More
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Celebrating Alcatraz “Alumni”

A Short Story About the History of a Former Guard In partnership with Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Alcatraz CruisesRead More
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zabrina and bill 20th visit

Father and Daughter Celebrate Twenty Years of Visits to “the Rock”

Experience, Special
Zabrina and her father Bill (now known as “Wolverine Willie”) share a special tradition. Every year, for the last twentyRead More
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Alcatraz Clipper Alcatraz Island TripAdvisor Cert of Excellence

Alcatraz Cruises Receives TripAdvisor Hall of Fame Accolade

Last year, Alcatraz Cruises was ranked as the number eight landmark in the world, according to TripAdvisor’s 2018 Travelers’ ChoiceRead More
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blue sky scattered clouds above Alcatraz Island at night

Alcatraz Cruises’ Illustrious Night Tour

Alcatraz is mysterious at any time of day, but for those that want a real thrill, check out the Island’sRead More
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postcard of Alcatraz Island

Postcards From Alcatraz

Historic Postcards- As one of the most popular attractions in San Francisco, let alone the entire United States, Alcatraz isRead More
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people walking around Angel Island Immigration Station

ANGEL ISLAND: San Francisco Bay’s Other Island

Guest Blog Post – Judith Fein Visitors to San Francisco line up to board the ferry to Alcatraz, but mostRead More
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Alcatraz Exhibits Take The Stage At Parc 55 & Hilton SF Union Square

Educational, Experience
“Alcatraz: Life On The Rock” and “Alcatraz, The Last Day” Exhibits Take the Stage at Parc 55 Hotel and HiltonRead More
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Staircase from side view in Alcatraz Island Cellhouse

From The Lens Of Our Crewmates

There’s no question that Alcatraz Island is a photographer’s dream. Boasting a robust history, unique wildlife, exceptional views, architectural gemsRead More
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Alcatraz Island with BOGO logo above

Buy One, Get One Free Promotion

Outreach Programs
Alcatraz Cruises is launching its second annual “Buy One, Get One Free” (BOGO) ticket promotion. Although Alcatraz Cruises’ tours oftenRead More
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